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You drank a potion that made you grow! Luckily your tech is super cool and can revert growth!
by paperaero
on 3rd Alakajam! Solo
The eternal struggle between tomatoes and finally going to end.
Tomato Season
by Caique Assis
on 3rd Alakajam! Solo
In this game you control a wizard wich is lost in an old library.. try to kill as much ghosts as you can and unlock new Spells!
Books - A Wizards Adventure
by Doubletroub
on 5th Alakajam! Solo
action RPG - use fire to light your way as you delve for treasure,
Trial by Fire
by James_Deans_Jeans
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo
An endless 3D shoot em up /bomb em up
Endless Assault
by automatonvx
on 1st Kajam Ranked
classic falling game
Super Fortune Bunys
by elZach
on 4th Alakajam Solo
In this slightly unfinished game, you try to survive while your ship plumments towards the earth.
Project Orion - Space Bob vs Space Blobs
by JALgames, fabi
on 4th Alakajam Team
A 46 second Twine game
by cygni
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Play as an always expanding V͏́͜ ̕Ơ͡ Ì̧ ̸Ḑ consuming all planets and stars in your path
Planet Panic
by TightKnitGames
on 3rd Alakajam! Team
Escape from your unjust imprisonment (what did you do?) by falling to a safer place!
Falling Escape
by laaph
on 4th Alakajam Team
Tower defense where you can combine elements for creating new towers !
Towers Of Alchemia
by ElRyoGrande
on 1st Alakajam! Solo
Avoid the spooky ghosts!
Boostone Tomb!
by tsjost
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Are you a brave enough adventurer to handle the trials of THE TECHNO DUNGEONS?
by Caique Assis
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo
In a Cube, there is a ball, the ball can only fall.
by Rardo
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Roll a cute little ball named Rollsy to the MAGICAL EXIT PORTAL.
Rollsy & The Surprisingly Short Vertical Mazes
by Orionintheforest
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Catch Burgers and Toppings and fill out orders!
Burger Fall, in the works!
by SnowFox
on 4th Alakajam Solo
You play as an alchemist, that transforms herself into different monsters by drinking their souls. You can mix different monster souls for a better result.
by Haoron
on 1st Alakajam! Team
Amazing card spellcasting game
Unlimited Wizard Magic Duel
by gechy, javucha
on 5th Alakajam! Team
Your hot air balloon is falling !
Crates & Balloons
by Charlotte Fries, KuBic_
on 4th Alakajam Team
A endless runner about a spell, which doesn't want to vannish
The flame of Liotes
by Huliandos
on 5th Alakajam! Solo