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Games (58)
with tag "Platformer"

destroy cores, jump around, and avoid projectiles
by DaFluffyPotato
on 8th Alakajam! Solo
climb a tower engulfed in shadows
Shadow Tower
by DaFluffyPotato
on 7th Alakajam! Solo
A platformer about a knight climbing a tower
Climbing Willmore Tower
by puarsliburf
on 7th Alakajam! Solo
Umbrella mechanics
Bullet Rain
by Raindrinker
on 6th Alakajam! Solo
Short platforming game where you're a little bunny trying to escape a cave, thing is, you're competing against a turtle.
Carrot Cave
by veryeviltomato, Antkibo
on 6th Alakajam! Team
A small platformer with a bit of magic.
by ToffieBoey
on 5th Alakajam! Solo
Throw yourself around in the depths.
Depth Kid
by ToffieBoey
on 4th Alakajam! Solo
a roguelite falling game... idk
Spike Dungeon
by DaFluffyPotato
on 4th Alakajam! Solo
1vs1 platformer
Ceci est un duel!
by pimkeomi, Ilkalys
on 6th Alakajam! Team
The moon lights the way through the darkness
by Raindrinker
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo
2D Platform where you can use only one magic to prevail
Cast, Die, Repeat
by inacho_, CrookedLemons, Shoble
on 5th Alakajam! Team
A platformer game where you swap between two... dimensions? Who knows? Everything is slightly... different... between the dimensions.
Room Swap
by ToffieBoey
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo
One knight, one sinkhole, one village to save.
Ancient Sinkhole
by Nanukk Luik
on 4th Alakajam! Solo
You hate being looked at. Make sure nobody can stare at you while you try to get the lollipop!
Lollipop Ninja
by DaFluffyPotato
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo
Wrap your head around this
Portable Looping Machine
by bradur
on 4th Alakajam! Solo
Gems, lava, ledges, timers, platformer.
by Aurel300
on 4th Alakajam! Team
Get to the top of the tower
Tower Jump
by MGibson, FavouriteDonkey9
on 7th Alakajam! Team
Obstacles moving to the beat
by Wan
on Music Kajam Ranked
Your trusty computer virus Mr.Chompers.EXE is hungry! Eat all the tasty data, but avoid anti-virus programs!
Mr.Chomper's Data Adventure
by SnowFox
on Feedback Fortnight 2019 Unranked
It's Raining Cubes
by JulienKuhn, Raivk
on 4th Alakajam! Team