VOID_SHOT is a minic, fast-paced shooter where you will need to sacrifice your health to attack your enemies. It was made for LD43 with the theme "Sacrifices must be made".

Here are the rules:

  • Move with WASD/Arrow keys + spacebar or the mouse.
  • You need both health and ammo to shoot.
  • You get ammo when you get hurt.
  • Enemies drop health and ammo pickups.
  • You can bump into enemies to kill them, however this won't grant you points.
  • Look out for asteroids.
  • Try to get the best score possible!

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24 days ago

My feedback, sir:

The game is hard, very hard. My highscore is 9. This is not a bad thing, but the enemies are way too hard. Since there is more than one and they can shoot, they could be slower.

It would be great if i had a indicator when my ship have low life because i died more because of my shoots than the enemy itself.

Had some problems with the menus: when i die, the exit option is highlighted and i end by leaving the game, and in the main menu, the tutorial option is highlighted so i played the tutorial more times than i wanted.The restart option should be the default.

21 days ago

Nice Entry! I enjoyed the musc and the overall appearance. The crayon-style drawn ships and hud work very well with the dark background.
I have to agree with @katuiche that the game is very hard. I made it to a highscore of 10, but that was after a lot of trial runs.
For me it worked pretty well to accelerate in one direction, wait for the enemies to gather directly behind me and rotate towards them so I can shoot them.

I had the feeling that aimin was not possible very precisely when playing with the keyboard. A Indicator in which direction I am shooting would be a great help.
I also find the shooting sound too loud, but that might also just be my laptop speakers.

I can clearly see this emerge into a really nice and addictive game. With some improvements on balancing and some additional enemy types this can be a really awesome game!

20 days ago

A good-looking game with a nice atmostphere, but oh so hard :D

I had pretty good first impressions when first launching Void Shot, with the polished menus, moody soundtrack and smooth graphics. The game has a tutorial and all, impressive! Then I started playing the actual thing, and kept dying with rarely more than a point or two :P At first I thought a blue enemy has spawned on me each time but eventually realized it was just the death FX.

The good news is I could switch the game to mouse controls, which was a HUGE relief. It made things much more better, and I would dare say that with the current balancing of the game, it is simply unplayable with a keyboard.

With the mouse I could finally play the game correctly (reaching a score of 15 woohoo :D). I also took the time to analyze in detail why the game is so hard. If I understand correctly, the game rules are as follows:

  • The player has max 8 HP and 6 bullets
  • Shooting…
    • …And missing = -1HP -1bullet
    • …And hitting an enemy = -1bullet +1point
    • …And hitting a shooting enemy = -1HP +2points
  • Getting hit…
    • …by a bullet = -1HP +1bullet
    • …by an enemy = +1bullet
    • …by a shooting enemy = -1HP +2bullets
  • Bonus HP and bullets occasionally spawn

(NB. I'm assuming the player picks up the loot for each scenario)

This all means that the only way to actually recover health is to wait for the pickups that spawn randomly, while making sure we don't get shot, or hit by a shooting enemy in the mean time. This is pretty tricky. That also means the best strategy is:

  • To not care about the non-shooting enemies (as long as you have enough health to take the hit, they help you regain ammo after all)
  • Only shoot at the enemies that fire at you, for maximum points
  • Pray for bonus HP to spawn before you die :P

Given that there's no way to evade enemies indefinitely (they move as fast as you) there's no way to keep your health from going down with time. With some luck you could get enemies to shoot at each other, but unless I missed something I don't think it's possible to reach much more than 20 as a score.

So to me there's something broken in the game. Fortunately there's plenty of ways to resolve this easily. My take on this would be in two steps:

  1. Making shooting enemies don't follow the player too much, eventually going off screen to despawn. That means it's easier to stay alive while we wait for the bonuses, and could also be fun to make the player watch the trajectories to guess the enemy type. You could even make the difficulty slowly increase with time by letting them curb their trajectories more and more as the game progresses.
  2. Making only health randomly spawn, and at a fixed rate would be great (maybe it's already the case?). Also adding a more flashy visual effect with sound on those random spawns would make it more obvious that they are how we can regain health, which is an important event. Plus they would provide some rhythm to the sessions (eg. "wow I stayed alive until the 5th spawn!")

Let me know what you think of those suggestions, or if you already had other ideas in mind. Anyway, it was fun to analyze the balancing of this game in detail. This is a promising arcade shooter with already a great level of polish, and I'm intrigued by the not-yet-available Story mode :)

19 days ago

I'm currently developing another game, but this feedback is definately helping if I ever get on to finishing this game. Thank you, @katuiche and @laguna . Also, @wan jesus christ that's a lot of text. I have to envy you for finding the energy to write more than "cool" in a comment. You are my god now.

19 days ago

Hehe I think you won at getting my longest review in recent days @NNNIKKI. I couldn't put my finger on what felt wrong about the scoring system, so I had fun tearing the game apart to understand why.

Have fun with your new project :)

18 days ago

Wow, great analysis, Wan! It was quite useful as I couldn't understand why I keep dying even when I'm hitting enemies left and right!

It's a nice little game. Atmospheric music, simple gfx that works well enough, and a simple premise. The interesting part is the gameplay, and Wan's analysis helps explain how you are "supposed" to play. Was that what you were going for, @NNNIKKI or did you just try out some random values and that's how it turned out? I mean in regards to running out of ammo or health that quickly…

Anyway, I enjoyed it, I thought the ships come at you at a good pace - fast enough to be a challenge yet dodgeable with a bit of skill. It's just a tad annoying to die after a few seconds even when you feel you are doing well. My highscore is 12.

18 days ago

Art: Really like it! Very consisten, arcadey but with some intentional rough edges that give a lot of personality. Limited palettes and limited colors are always my jam.

Music: Sounds nice, sgood that is subtle. Maybe the music is too sublte for how instanely rampant the gameplay is? And by that I dont mean necessarily that the music is the one that should change :D The SFX do a lot.

Gameplay: Works well, a bit too hard. there was a reason why classic asterois didnt have the asteroids homing, and had screen wrap. makign everythign go towards you and making the screen a lose condition might be a bit too harsh. You have so little time to aim, and hitting every time is almost crucial.

Also, havign to juggle two different resources that is kinda hard to wrap your head around how they work, doesnt fit with the fastness and instintiveness the rest of the gameplay demands.

I can see someone really have a lot of fun grinding a new highscore, feels like one of those very addictive, "triggering" games, where you really want to push harder against how "kinda unfair" the game is.

Final thoughts: Like it, especially the framing and the art. Im a bit overwhelmed by the gameplay, and I think a more paced difficulty ramp would do wonders. Really feels like somebody out of an arcade machine. Real good game feel. Cheers!

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VOID_SHOT is a manic, fast-paced shooter where you will sometimes need to sacrifice your health.


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