Secret room unlocked!

Dear Ludum-darer,

You just stumbled on Alakajam!, a new site made by @wan (creator of Feedback Friends) with the help of other Ludum Dare veterans.

Because the world always needs more game jams, we're building this sort of spin-off community with the goal to organize regular gamedev events:

  • Alakajam! competitions, taking place over a week-end a bit like Ludum Dare, except that start/end times are more suited to European timezones.
  • Kajam! month-long events, inviting people to learn and experiment around a specific topic.
  • And finally Feedback Fortnights, to show off projects made outside of game jams.

The 1st Alakajam! competition was held 22-24 September!

If you're interested or just want to stay in the loop, you can follow us on Twitter or Reddit. You're also welcome to our IRC channel where were discussing how to reinvent the game jam formula, and of course where we're organizing the site development.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to Alakajam!