Connect the Wounds

Connect the Wounds is a unique visual novel about connecting pieces to discover about the mystery surrounding one duel.

There are two different narratives going on and they all connected to one particular incident.

It is also a game made as an entry for EXTRA CREDITS GAME JAM 4 and the 6th Alakajam!.

The theme of ECGJ4 is "CONNECT", inspired from a statement made by Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima. The duration for the jam is 100 hours.

The challenges of the game jam are:

  • Extra Monochromatic (Use only 2 color palette.)
  • Extra Kuleshov Effect (Follow the principles of the Kuleshov Effect to your advantage).
  • Extra Open (Make Everything Open Source).
  • Extra Remix (Remix feature/asset from your previous projects).
  • "Extra"-Vert (Make a game that can be played with other people, in person).

The theme of 6th Alakajam! is "DUEL". The duration is 48 hours for competitors and 72 for non-competitors (I have decided to submit this as an Unranked entry).

The coding and the design are all done by myself. Except the music.

The menu theme (Slow Jazz) was done by Alex McCulloch - which is Public Domain, and the gameplay music (In the City) was done by Joshua McLean under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. And I actually licensed a copyrighted music - which will be available after the game jam.

The tools that I used during making this game:

  • Godot Engine 3.1.1.
  • GIMP
  • Krita
  • Audacity
  • Beepbox


An Experimental Visual Novel

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Comments (2)

4 months ago

Yay, the more Godot entries, the merrier!

Quite experimental indeed! I'm not sure how much of a story you had in mind, and to what extent the player is supposed to fill it in, but let's just say that I'm not sure what happened. There was a shootout… over money… at a playground? In a forest? In some building?

The monochrome photos are really really awesome though. You could capitalize on that by showing them full-screen rather than in a small box.

The music seems rather cheerful for whatever it is that's going on, and the "S" sound effect is a bit jarring in comparison. A brief "click" sound or something along those lines might have fit in better.

I briefly tried two-player mode on my own, but couldn't get it to work. "S" still plays a sound but does nothing else, while "K" does not even play a sound.

3 months ago

Strange strangers in deadly danger, life flashes past as the bullets hit…
Could be stranger, go stranger next jam, stranger.

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