Snake Dual

Snake Dual is a game like snake, but with two snakes.

You can use WASD to control the first snake and IJKL to control the second one. Your goal is to collect as many apples using snakes of the same color.

Note: if you can't control the snakes, just click on the canvas to focus on it.

This game was made in ≈2 hours, so it isn't really polished or fun. However, this jam was a challenge for me to make a game using raw HTML/JS (without using transpilers/packers).

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Snake but it's cooler





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2 months ago

What's better than snake for one player? Snake for two players! :)
Very impressive (especially considering the 2 hours it took to create).

2 months ago

I know that this was made in two hours and that it is your interpretation of the theme, but… Duel != Dual

As it stands, I quite like the idea of controlling two snakes at the same time and trying to get as many point as possible. In practice the level is too big, the snakes are too slow (they could speed up over time, due to an item or with boost input), the walls are invisible, and the match continues if one of the snakes dies. That last bit especially erases the unique selling point of the challenge.

This core idea could be turned into a duel by fixing the aforementioned level and speed issues and making it so that the worm who dies first loses. These changes would result in a very similar competition to the lightcycle races from Tron, except that the trail needs to be grown by eating pellets first.

From the perspective of worktime and technical merit, you surely succeded in your goals. Congratulations for that, but the scores are rough.

Overall: Bad (3.0)
Gameplay: Terrible (2.0)
Originality: Below Average (4.0)
Theme: Terrible (2.0)

a month ago

Not very original, gameplay wise is really slow :/ Next time would be better for sure ;)

a month ago

Pretty good for just two hours! But isn't it rather less challenging to create a game without transpilers/packers? I always find it an absolute nightmare to set up npm, webpack, typescript, uglify, babel, scss, postcss and whatever else the JavaScript cool kids have decided is hip this month.

If this were a two-player Snake, I could see the "duel" aspect. But as it stands, I think it's supposed to be single-player, so yeah, not sure if a theme interpretation based on homophones counts…

a month ago

I thought it would be a multiplayer duel game, but I kinda like that it isn't. It gets quite hard to control two snakes at once once the speed gets to a more challenging pace. It would have been very helpful to have walls so you know when you'll hit 'em.

Very cool to make a game without any framework or libraries - check out js13k later this year!

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