The Spellcaster

This is a game about a cat casting spells.

This game is somewhat unusual for me because it is written in 100% TS+HTML5 without any engine or framework, so I couldn't finish many features I originally planned.

Controls: type to enter spells (you can split them with spaces to cast multiple spells), enter to cast, escape to stop it.

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A game about a cat casting spells.


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Comments (9)

6 months ago

Its a pretty good idea, executed about as well as possible in 48 hours. I will say, its very stressful in those few frames inbetween the typing. Maybe slowing down the enemies a bit would make it less hectic. The graphics are decent, they do their job and i didn't have a hard time identifying enemies. But honestly the music is torturous.

6 months ago

Yeah, I autogenerated it in the last two hours. Glad you liked it!

6 months ago

You have done a great job.
I really apreciated to play, it remembers me the old text-based games like MUD.

6 months ago

This is cool, I'm very impressed with how you made it.
I like that it pauses as you type so you're not constrained by that.
The enemies move quite fast, I think it would benefit from slowing them down a little and making the whole game start a bit easier.
Overall you can't go wrong with a cat casting spells! :)

6 months ago

Without a game engine ? you are a hero

(@pepelka) • 6 months ago

The mechanics "type-smth-to-make-smth-happen" seems intresting to me. Right now, it's hard to understand what to do, and it become way too easy when you get it. I would love to play in this if there would be not just open field, but some kind of maze so the movements would be more justified

6 months ago

Impressive that you made it without an engine.

After retrying a few times I constantly died when I respawned. I don't really know why.

6 months ago

Well, if you made this without a framework you need an applause.
My only complaint is about the movement, why not use just "left" instead of "move left". At the beginning is difficult to survive because you need to write to much in order to avoid monsters.
Good job btw! :)

6 months ago

Ohh, there isn't much to this project. A quick rundown follows.

Rudimentary interactivity. Move around and kill enemies by typing, repeat. It is obvious what to do and that is not exciting.

Rudimentary graphics, standard font, menu has different colors than other assets, no animations, no particles. There is clarity at least.

Skipping the audio.

Not very original. Writing commands is an old idea and tried quite often in jams for many differing themes. It doesn't help that it is rarely done for a purpose other than novelty, as is the case here.

The theme does not come through. Giving commands to a cat via typing is technically spelling words, but what about casting? Calling basic actions spells does not make them so. Magical audio-visual effects and interactions would have made them so.

Functional and visually clear. These are the positives I can think of. Not using a framework or an engine in a jam is brave, but there is no category for that, unfortunately.

Overall: Bad (3.0)
Graphics: Bad (3.0)
Audio: N/A
Gameplay: Bad (3.0)
Originality: Bad (3.0)
Theme: Bad (3.0)

PS. Why not call it Spellcatster or The spell cat?

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